jueves, 31 de julio de 2008

The Problem Is...

That when you finally and desperately reach out and cry and scream for some help, any help... it never comes.

And that´s why people should always be a mean, son (daughter?) of a bitch, bitter and resentful harpy.

2 comentarios:

Isa dijo...

i WOULD agree with u, Nina... but about a year ago, i realized i was absentmindedly closing my room's windows before screaming. So i actually MADE it really hard for people to hear me.
¿qué dices?

por cierto, qué bien que estés mejor, me alegro. No sabía qué decirte en tu post "incomprendido" ni el autoregaño. besos!

La Perfecta dijo...

grita pa este lado, coño!

cúrate a ver si finalmente nos tomamos unos rones

un beso, marica